Cosmetic Electrotherapy for Beauty Enhancement

Dr. Suvarna Gosavi
B.A.M.S; D.Y.A; A.B.T.C;
CITY & GUILDS (London)
CIDESCO ( Zurich)
Reiki Grandmaster

Showing off beautiful skin has become the rule of the modern times. Both men and women go to the extremes to attain flawless and beautiful skin from plastic surgery, Botox injections to many clinically not tested skin care products.

Every fine morning, across all over India we witness advertisements claiming immediate fairness, instant glow, acne free skin and many more magic remedies.

Nowadays we also find maximum skin and hair clinics, spa centers and salons around us that provide all available services for beautification of women and men too. In my 20 years of practice in beauty sector I have noticed the increasing awareness of beauty in different age groups ranging from 10 to 70. At the same time numbers of beauty complaints are on the rise day by day.

The main causative factor for increasing beauty complaints are changing lifestyle, cosmetics loaded with plenty of chemicals, unhealthy eating patterns and food substances and most importantly lack of knowledge about skin care.

In this technological era people want miraculous results without following healthy lifestyle. I have to agree with the famous author Leo Tolstoy for his wisdom. His saying is

“It is amusing that people will smoke, drink, overeat, be lazy and turn their night into day yet still expect the doctor to keep them healthy.”

Beauty is not just a facial issue but it is related with the whole skin which is the largest organ of the body and also the mirror of inner health and that is why Ayurveda recommends to have “Abhyanga (अभ्यंग)” on daily basis to regulate many functions of the body and to balance inner harmony.

From the above references it is also very clear that our Ayurvedic seers were aware of importance of detoxification and strengthening of the skin through various measures for a healthy life.

Let us see in short the scientific benefits that we receive after performing massage over skin. Massaging the skin makes the body produce electricity. Modern science calls this electricity as “Piezoelectricity “.Literal meaning of Piezoelectricity is “pressure electricity“.

Many cells in the body are sensitive to electric fields and not just nerves, which uses electric fields to conduct nerve impulses. Massage stimulates the flow of interstitial fluid carrying the charged particles around the structures, with their fixed electrical charges creating a stronger electrical field.

Our ancient acharyas have also stated to perform the skin care program on daily basis. In today’s fast world people rarely get time to follow the skincare rituals as mentioned in ancient texts under the title of “Dinacharya”

As mentioned above about “Piezoelectricity ” can we do the effect in reverse? Can we apply electricity to the skin and get it to vibrate via the piezoelectric effect?

“Yes” we can. Therefore when it comes to enhance facial beauty we can take help from electrotherapy as a complimentary modality that plays a very important role in skin care treatments to accelerate cellular regeneration and detoxification of skin.

What is cosmetic electrotherapy?

This involves the electrical current to treat skin tissue. The first record of electrotherapy dates back to 19th century when it was discovered that electricity can make the frog legs twitch. In simple words electrotherapy is the professional word for “Electrical facial”.

There are many different types of facial available, both hands on and those that incorporate electrotherapy, each with their own specific benefits.

In a 'hands-on'treatment, there is no electrotherapy machines used and the therapist will use his/her hands to perform the facial treatment There are different types of Cosmetic Electrotherapy treatments performed with different electrical machines.


Galvanic treatments are the most common of all electrical facials. Galvanism is an electrical treatment which can be applied to both the face and body. Therapeutic substances are introduced into the skin using a direct current to create specific effects upon the surface and underlying tissues.

This method of Galvanism help to increase blood and lymphatic circulation, unclog pores, removal of the surface dead skin cells and force skincare products deep into the skin without invasion.

This treatment is recommended for oily, congested skin, mature, dry and dehydrated skin.


Experts in the skincare industry consider high frequency beauty treatments necessary for skin rejuvenation. The high-frequency current which gives rise to the high rate of oscillation and frequently used in facial and scalp therapy.

It has been noted that high frequency not only stimulates the renewal of skin cells, but also also helps skincare products to penetrate deeper and get absorbed effectively.

The benefit of high frequency include detoxification, reduces blackheads enlarged pores treats existing acne prevents further onset, helps reduce under eye dark circles, promotes healthier hair growth.


Faradic treatment, or electro-muscle stimulation, is an electrical treatment, applied to both the face and body. An electrical current is used to stimulate specific muscles repeatedly which creates tightening, toning effect.

The benefits of Faradic current include improved firmness of slack facial muscles, improved skin color through improved blood circulation, improved appearance of the body contour having a slimming effect, improved tone of specific muscle and face lifting.(Non Surgical)


Ultrasonic is high frequency sound waves, between 800,000 Hz and 2,000,000 Hz. This cannot be heard by humans Therapeutic ultrasound frequency ranges from 1-3 MHz’s

The therapeutic ultrasonic wave, with more power than other common waves, will speed up the movement of the cells of human body; generate a certain massage like effect and energy to change the cells.

The benefits of ultrasound include improve cell metabolism and blood circulation, helps the skin to absorb nutrition, dissolves hypodermic fat, improve the situation of dark circles, helps to heals acne skin.

With above mentioned information about few electrotherapy equipments we can clearly understand that certain cosmetic conditions can be easily treated in our clinics on day to day basis. Apart from these equipments other electrotherapy devices are also highly beneficial in cosmetic practice. Cosmetic electrotherapy used rationally can provide following benefits.

1) Improves texture and tone of skin

2) Removes toxic waste from skin

3) Improves the condition of hyper pigmented skin

4) Destroys bacterial infections and heals acne and pustules

5) Rejuvenation of skin cells

6) Breaks down fatty tissue and corrects figure

7) Relaxes tense muscles

8) Increases collagen to fade wrinkles

9) Reduces oedema

10) Cures hair problems

In order to achieve maximum results by using electrical equipments in our clinics a thorough knowledge of the anatomical structures and systems in the area to be treated, coupled with a thorough understanding of the abilities and functions of electricity and electrotherapy machinery is essential.

A line of caution-

Inadequate knowledge of cosmetic electrotherapy if applied by incompetent operator may cause chemical, thermal burns and physical hazards to the patient but when used with utmost care and thorough knowledge can give magical results to beautify the skin.

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