Asst. Prof. Dr Abhijeet Shirkande M.D. (Ayu),DYA, M.A. (Sanskrita) and Asst. Prof. Dr Ankita Shirkande M.D. (Ayu), PhD (Scholar)

Botnical Name-Bryonia laciniosa
Synonym- Diplocyclos palmatus
Sanskrit- Lingini, Bahupatra,Ishwari,Shaivamallika,Swayambhu, Lingsasambhuta, Lingi,Chitraphala,Amruta,Pandoli,Lingaja,devi
Rasa (Taste)-Katu (pungent), Tikta(bitter)
Guna (quality)- Laghu (light), Ruksha(dry), Tikshna(sharp)
Virya (Potency)- Ushna (hot)
Vipaka – Katu (pungent)
Prabhava (Specific action)- Uterine tonic
DOSHA KARMA -Pacifies Kapha & Pitta Dosha
Karma- Rasayana , Sarvasiddhidayak, Sidhma, Kushthahara
Organs effect-Uterus, ovaries and testes
Main indication- Infertility

The seeds of Bryonopsis laciniosa are known as "Shivlingi" in light of the fact that the upper surface of seeds has a creation and morphology, which looks like “Shivlingi”, symbol of Lord Shiva, a famously adored god by Hindus.

Mainly this plant comes in rainy season. It is an annual climber with wright red fruits and is reported to be high medicinal value. Traditionally it is used as acrid, anti-inflammatory, and tonic. It is also in treating inflammations and general debility. The seeds are reported to be useful in curing case of sterility. It is also a constituent of Ayurvedic formulation Strirativallabhpugpak described in ancient text to improve sexual behavior and as a general tonic.

Traditionally this plant used in “Paradbandha”.

In Pitta disorder /Pittaja Jwara this plant gives very good result with Milk and sugar. This combination is laxative in nature.

In case of Kakvandhya (type of female infertility)- Shivalingi 27 beeja+ Gajabhaksha jata 6masha + Gajkeshar 6masha use this combination three days only.

Shivlingi (Bryonia laciniosa) is an unquestionably comprehended ethno medication in India. Shivlingi Seeds are used for treatment of male-female infertility. It is a uterine tonic and improves the chances of conception in women suffering from infertility.

Very useful in Female infertility, Male infertility due Oligospermia, Impaired spermatogenesis, Asthenozoospermia(reduced spermatic motility),Teratospermia (defective or abnormal spermatic morphology),Constipation, Obesity & weight loss, Hyperglycemia & Diabetes. Research shows potential testosterone booster..Various ethobotanical herbs have been repeatedly used to treat infertility. Many of them have shown extraordinary effects on treating infertility of either sex, Shivlingi is one such drug.

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