Affiliated Institutes in India and Across the Globe

IAA gives affiliation to various Institutes in different countries, since 1996. These affiliations are for various purposes like offering teaching and training on various topics of Ayurveda, giving information for establishing Ayurved resorts, providing Ayurved consultations, organize international conferences etc. IAA gave affiliations to Institutions in Germany, Poland, Swiss, Portugal, Italy, and various centers of KAA in USA, Vedica Global in Berkeley, USA; Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Mauritius and Chile. IAA has deputed more than 150 times Ayurvedic Physicians to these affiliated centers in various countries.
For more information for affiliation with International Academy of Ayurved, Pune,India
write email to IAA secretary at

Affiliations in India

1.Ayurveda For You

This is one of the most important affiliated Institute of IAA The Institute is managed by Dr. Shasikant Patwardhan and is responsible for publishing -
1. Online Ayurveda Certificate Courses
2. Ayurveda E books, CD's and Special Reports- These can be purchased online
3. Monthly E News Magazine which is circulated to more than 44000 subscribers all over the world.
Dr. Shasikant Patwardhan B 1302, 43 Private Drive Opposite Mitcon Institute Balewadi, PUNE 411054
Mobile -9822 373163
Contact - Dr.Shasikant Patwardhan

2.Ayurveda Beauty Institute, Pune, India

Ayurveda approach towards the beauty is not only external but is deeply rooted inside the body. Ayurveda firmly believes that the true beauty comes from within. Along with external treatments, it puts more emphasis on internal approach. This ancient wisdom offers beauty enhancing treatments which are purely natural and are free from toxic chemicals unlike modern cosmetics that contain skin irritants and carcinogenic ingredients. Ayurved beauty treatments have an individualistic approach to enhance beauty. All the treatments are based on ancient eternal principles of Ayurveda. Considering the body, mind and soul as a whole, these treatments thoroughly rejuvenate and detoxify the body. This balanced inner radiance reflects over the skin to give a lasting beauty. Today’s modern living offers us many comforts and luxuries with newly developed gadgets and equipments. These inventions were discovered to improve the quality of our lives with health, happiness and peace. In reality these improved lifestyle with modern amenities have drawn us away from nature. We have lost our health balance and have become susceptible for various diseases and disorders.
Dr. Suvarna and Sanjeev Gosavi

3.Tanushree Garbhasanskar Center,Pune,India

This is located in Pune, we provide best of prenatal care and medication. At our center we focus on the spiritual, medical and traditional aspects of GarbhaSanskar. Pregnancy is an incredible journey which marks the beginning of new life. During this phase we help you get the best of prenatal care and pre-natal medication. At our center your journey will be full of love, care happiness and satisfaction. We are here to travel this way together, with understanding, sharing and enjoyment during pregnancy. We provide an ambience full of peace and serenity.
Our center in Pune can provide you with:
Garbhasanskar–These Sanskars for healthy, happy,smart and intelligent child.
Meditation Zone: A completely divine environment for calmness of mind.
Relaxing Zone: A healthy environment with bliss,happiness, purity for you and your baby
Reading Zone: An informative collection of books and CD’s for enlightenment of mind.
Traditional Equipments: Exercise for your mind and body in a ethnic manner.
Consultation: Special guidelines from Handwriting Analyst for enhancing our potentials for progress.
Yoga Zone: Special Hasya yoga technique to add laughter and lovely colors in your family.
Dr. Supriya Gugale
Ph: 7517205739, 9922591375

4.Uvas Ayurveda Research centre, Bangalore,India

At our center we focus on the spiritual, medical and traditional aspects of GarbhaSanskar. Residential GarbhaSanskar Course.
Awareness about the healthy eating habits in various schools.Awareness program for women dealing with Cervical Cancer.
UVAS offers Slimming and Ayurvedic therapy Courses for students in India and abroad with course duration ranging from 1 - 6 month.
We got the following facilities: OPD consultation, Physiotherpy, Internal stay facilities, well trained therapists along with 2 duty doctors we provide all sort of panchakarma and spa therapies.
Dr. Priya Jain
CEO - Uvas Ayurveda Research centre
254,16cross, 24main, 5phase, J.P Nagar
Bangalore. 560078.
Ph: (080) 42068463

5.Jeevanrekha Ayurved Chikitsalaya Research Center

We provide following services:Complete management of Obesity and maintenance treatments for obesity. Ayurvedic management for coronary heart disease, Hyperlipidimic disorders, Diabetes, Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Allergic disorders, Acido peptic disorders, male and female sterility. Rejuvenating ( rasayan) treatments as per the necessity of the patients. Special Diet plans as per metabolic disorders with purely Ayurvedic concepts considering prakruti of the patients. Well equipped Ayurved research library with hostel facility for abroad students. Training courses for BAMS, MD practitioners in specialized area from authorities form the particular subject.
Research assistance and standardization work for MD,P.hd,,,M.pharm,B.Pharm Students.
Dr. Mukund Sabnis
Address: Plot No 87, Snehawardhini housing Society, Behind Trimurty chowk, Jawahar colony, Aurangabad -5 Maharashtra (India).
Contact us: 0240 2339858, 0240 2360100

6.Aapyam Institute of Indigenous Science and Research (AIISR)

Dr. Sriharsha K.V.
Aapyam Institute of Indigenous Science and Research (AIISR), Bengaluru and Manging Trustee, Aapyam Ayurveda Foundation, Sagar, Karnataka
Contact -
Dr. Sriharsha K.V. - 9980375322

7.NYARI - Neeramay Yog Ayurved Research Institute,Pune

NYARI provides a holistic approach by offering Ayurveda treatment for all ailments including Panchakarma treatment. Shirodhara with Meditation is a unique treatment provided by NYARI which has benefited many patients of Epilepsy, Insomnia,Diabetes, Hypertension & Stress related disorders. With the expertise in Panchabhautik Treatment, NYARI provides Yoga Therapy for all ailments at gross and subtle level. Stress Management Programs in IT companies, Yoga & Meditation Workshops for Kids & Adults. NYARI has contributed to serve the needy & Dr. Padmashree has received a special appreciation award for providing free medical services from Pune Municipal Corporation. NYARI offers various workshops where you can learn & practice preventive care solutions. To spread the holistic science for a peaceful & healthy living NYARI offers various certified courses.

  • QCI Level 1-Yoga instructor
  • QCI Level 2- Yoga Teacher
  • Certificate course in Yoga Therapy

Dr. Padmashree Patil-Yadav
Founder- NYARI - Neeramay Yoga Ayurveda Research Institute,
Neeramaya Clinic, Office No. 3, Audi Arcade, Bibwewadi, Pune
Cell: +91 960 4968246
Email: |

8.Ayurved Lifestyle,Pune

Expertise in Vedic Psychology

Ayurved principles or Vedic Psychology emphasizes on psychosomatic approach for every disease. Ayurved lifestyle clinic provides treatment for psychological disorders. Various types of Manas Vyadhis (psychological diseases) are diagnosed and treated with meditation, medicines and specific Panchakarmas (Purificatory procedures) for mental disorders. Different types of depressions (like postpartum, menopausal etc) broad spectrum anxiety disorders, OCD, ADHD and many other mental hyper and hypo activities can be treated along with Rasayan chikitsa (Rejuvenation treatment for body and mind) for mind. By using Dhee (intelligence), Dhairya (courage) and Atmavidnyanam (science of soul) patient can lead healthy and strong mental state. The entire world needs mental strength in this Era. Vedic knowledge and Satvavajay chikitsa (Ayurvedic psychotherapy) together can give Ashvasan Chikitsa (Assurance to mind ) and treat many psychological diseases.

Vd. Mrs. Shilpa V. Thorat
M.D. (Ayurveda), B.A.M.S, M.A. Sanskrit, Diploma in Yoga And Ayurveda
Shop No. C4,Poonam Chambers, Opp. Ashwamedh Hall,
Off Karve Road, Pune 411004.
Cell: +91 98220 66064

9.BFC Ayurdhara Institute, Kollam, Kerala

BFC Ayurdhara Institute Commenced its Operation at Kollam, Kerala, India, Founded by Mr. Dileep Palaniyil, Entrepreneur & Visionary leader, with an interest in conducting various Ayurveda, Siddha, Herbal and Yoga related courses. BFC Ayurdhara is a key project from Bright Future Consultant (BFC) started in 2018 with a vision for promoting Ayurveda and Siddha across India & Globally.

Mr. Dileep Palaniyil
Kollam, Kerala India
Cell: +971 50 9150 289

10.Mysore Ayurveda Academy and Wellness Centre, Mysore

Mysore Ayurveda Academy and Wellness Centre, located in Mysore, Karnataka was established in the year 2013 with a great passion to spread the Wisdom of Ayurveda. MAAWC, is an initiative to influence mankind to embrace simple yet powerful and holistic science of medicine – AYURVEDA, as it connects us with our roots that stem from a rich heritage of Vedic Philosophy. MAAWC has a well-established hospital for health care and treatment services.

Dr Chitralekha Krishnamurthy
No 135, 9th Cross, Gokulam, 3rd Stage,
Mysore, Karnataka 570002
Cell: +918105912167

Global Ayurved Centers



Short information

Website and contact details


Fundación de Salud Ayurveda Prema
Dr. Jorge Luis Berra Director,
Collaborative Centre Gujarat Ayurved University, (India) Director Postgraduates
Courses of Ayurvedic Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Buenos Aires University, Argentina.


International Yoga Federation
Swami Maitreyananda -Dr. Estavez,- World President of Yoga, Argentina


Australian College of Ayurvedic Medicine
Dr. Frank Ros, M.D (Ayu), N.D, D. Ac. (Ayu) is qualified naturopath Ayurvedic Practitioner. He also practices Marmapuncture which is the Ayurvedic equivalent of Acupuncture. He is professional member of the Complementary Medicine Association and the Naturopathic Practitioner Association. He has lectured widely on marmapuncture in Australia, South America USA.


Mr. Joseph Bergler
Bergler School of Massage, Mr. Bergler - Elisabeth Strasse 17-19 Graz, 8010, Austria.
Tel: 0043-316-381071


Suddha Dharma Mandal
Dr. Jose Rugue
Dr. Jose Rugue is the President of Suddha Dharma Mandalam,
Sao Paulo, Brazil. This center propagates Yoga and Ayurveda in Brazil.
Contact Address:R. Alexandre Marquez 503, B. Martins, Uberlandia-MG.


Ms. Laura Pires, Rio –De - Janeiro, Laura Pires is a Ayurvedic Therapist, teaches Ayurvedic Cooking and Nutrition.She is propagating Ayurveda for healthy living.


Mr Henrique Bertini, Gabinete the Ayurveda - Who are we The Consultancy Gabinete de Ayurveda is part of the consulting group - Gabinete de Alimento - and its mission is to divulge this marvelous tradition through lectures, courses, trips, training, consulting, import and distribution of products that value our health and well.


Tanya Dakhno-Lakeev, Yoga Trainer, certified in Delhi, India, Ayurvedic Practitioner, certified by Kerala Ayurveda Massage School, India Master Healer and Teacher of Reiki, Member of the Massologists and Technicians in Massage Association of Canada and Professional Massage Therapists Association of Quebec, Member of the Association of Dowsers and Radiesthesists of Quebec Inc. Shanty Clinic 309 Boul. Rosemere, Quebec J7A 2T3


Vaidya. Ismat Nathani
Director and Founder of Centre for Ayurveda Indian Systems of Healing (CAISH)

305-344 Bloor Street West (@ SPADINA),Toronto, ON M5S 3A7 Phone: (416) 233-2049
Fax:(416) 233-3605


Vaidya Tonmoy Shome (Yogiraj), Loknath Ayuryoga -Instituto Chileno de Ayurveda Yoga Tradicional de India
Jorge Washington 279, Comuna Region, Metropolitana, ZIP - 7750000 Santiago.


Vaidya Mauricio Leon Director of Ayurvastu center


Ms.Lucky Qi, CEO, International Qian JuYuan Healing Yoga Alliance, AnHui province, China


Atreya Smith, Director, Europian Center of Vedic Studies. He conducts courses on Ayurveda in France and Swiss.


Seva Akademie Helga Schmidt,
Zweigstrasse 10 Muenchen, 80336

Tel. 0049- 7904680


First Institute of RET Prof. Norbert Lotz. He is the director of RET school and psychology training center in Frankfurt. Author of the Books on Ayurveda for Long Life.
53 Sandweg, Frankfurt, Germany


Mr. Istvan Josef Riesz H-1055 Budapest, Balaton u. 22 - 24., Hungary
He is chairman of HAMF which is propagating Ayurveda in Hungary since last 10 years,
and is managing director of Garuda Trade Ltd. Hungary.

Fax: 00-(36-1)-331-2316, 353-1591, Phone: 00-(36-1)-331-4350


Dr. Eran Magon Ambassador for IAA


Amadio Bianchi
He is the President of European Yoga Federation, the Official Italian Confederation of Yoga and International Yoga and Ayurveda School C.Y.Surya, Milan, Italy;
Founder Member of the World Movement for Yoga and Ayurveda.


Raj Beedasy
Diploma in Massage therapy, Acupressure, Yoga. Reiki and Holistic Healing.
Director of Ved Holistic Care Center Ltd. Royal Road, 8th miles,
Opp. Social Welfare Centre, Triolet, Mauritius

Office: +230 261 7271 Mobile: +230 5754 5093 / 5772 5076
For odd hours: +230 261 5156


Nixia Lino
Instituto Ayurveda Internacional Nixia Lino (Ayurved International Institute Nixia Lino)


Foundation for Health Zana Kiesner, Bellotiego 1, Warszwa, Poland.
Mrs. Zanna Kiesner is Incharge of the Center. For Seminars on Ayurveda,
Panchakarma procedures and Ayurvedic medicines,

Tel. Fax : 0048-22-6363401


Mr. Joaquim Jorge - Associacao Portuguesa de Medicina Ayurveda, Lisbon

Leap Center – Espaço Amoreiras – Rua D. João V,
nº 24, 1.03 1250-091 Lisboa, Portugal
Telephone.: (+351) 916 103 551|(+351) 919 367 716


Dr. Sorokin, Executive Director, National Ayurvedic Medical Association Russia

Mob: +7 (913) 943 1423
Mob: +7-383-334-01-79
www.vedapulse.combr /> E-Email :


Mr. Sergey Zabashta, Founder and Director,
Semenovskaya nab. 3/1 -6-80 Moscow, 105094

Mob: + 7- 916-320-4777
Email :


Dr. Angela Sanz and Miss Nazuna Yeo, Directors, School of Ayurvedic Culture -C/ Ravella, 15 Pral 2ª 08021 Barcelona Spain Dr. Angela Sanz Ayurveda Doctor Naturópata, Natural and preventive Medicine specialist. Banys 98 La Garigga 08530 Spain. Tel: 0034-93-2405219 Fax: 0034-93-2405678; 0034-93-8718514

Sri Lanka

Dr. R. G. S. Saranga
Founder Director
Ayush Longevity Pvt. Ltd. and
Institute of Ayurveda and Ceylon Aesthtic,
312/4, 1/1, Nawala Road, Rajigiriya,
Sri Lanka


Sussane Godli In Boden 29, 8046 Zurich, Swiss

Tel : 00411-3713600
E-mail :

North America

American Institute of Vedic Studies (AIVS)
Director, Dr. David Frawley
He is recognized as a leading Vedic Scholar, astrologer and Ayurvedic academician.
His books on astrology, Ayurved and Yoga philosophy have been published in U.S.A. and in India. Apart from being the director of the American Institute of Vedic Sciences, he is on the advisory council of various Institutions in Europe, the United States and India.

North America

Vedica Global INC. Advisor, Pratichi Mathur President, Hema Patankar Vedika Global Institute based in Berkely-California.

North America

California College of Ayurveda,
Dr. Marc Halpern is the founder and President of the California College of Ayurveda, the oldest school of Ayurvedic Medicine in the United States. He is a leader in the development of Ayurvedic Medicine in the West. He is the initiator and co-founder of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association, the National Council on Ayurvedic Education and the California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine.
Facebook (Personal):
Facebook (College):

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